Girls’ Generation – Dancing Queen lyrics

[Tiffany] Girls’ [Jessica] Generation[Tiffany] Let’s dance[Tiffany/Jessica] Hit the beat and take it to the fast line [All/Seohyun] Yeah yeah yeah x4 [Taeyeon] Mudae wii ([All Wooh! Wooh! ) neoreul cheoeum bwahsseul ttae([All] Wooh! Wooh! ) Nae juwiie shigandeureun modu meomchugoGaseumman ttwiiyeo ([All] Wooh! Wooh! )[Yoona] Pyeongbeomhan naye insaengeul bakkwojunNeon naye Dancing Queen ([All] Wooh! Wooh!

SNSD – Baby Maybe Lyrics

English Translation: Baby baby babyI hadn’t believed in love. I used to build a wall around.Baby baby babyMy heart used to think that it would be okay to be alone like a fool. But I met you. My folks talk about myself who became awkwardHaving butterflies in my stomach and palpitating, I’m at a loss