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Seether – Same Damn Life

| Lirik Lagu | Seether – Same Damn Life | Come smoke a cigarette and let your hair down Then pray for the rain to go away I’m trying to forget I let us both down Then pray for the sun to come again I never thought I could feel so small But you’re the one that can’t

Seether – Words As Weapons

| Lirik Lagu | Seether – Words As Weapons | All I really want is something beautiful to say. Yang benar-benar saya inginkan yaitu sesuatu yang mengagumkan untuk saya katakan. Keep me locked up in your broken mind… (Kau) terus menggunci diriku dalam pikiranmu yang hancur… I keep searching, never been able, Aku terus mencari, (aku) tidak pernah

Seether – Suffer It All

| Lirik Lagu | Seether – Suffer It All | Mass inclination will fuel my frustration And keep all redemption at bay All indications prove you’re all mutations And you all have nothing to say Hate Look down on me Pray Look down on me Slave Look down on me Plague Look down on me I can’t believe

Seether – Watch Me Drown

| Lirik Lagu | Seether – Watch Me Drown | I wanted to forget how you swallowed me whole I wanted to suggest we let the shit go I overstayed a while and let you beat on my soul I never could digest how you were so cold Concealed behind a smile with teeth as sharp as they

Seether – Nobody Praying For Me

| Lirik Lagu | Seether – Nobody Praying For Me | I’m a whisper lost upon wind. Aku ialah bisikan yang hilang sebab angin. I’m the bejana that’ll burn you down. Aku ialah bara yang akan membakarmu. I’m the water that’ll drown you. Aku ialah air yang akan menenggelamkanmu. I’m a star that’s just a black hole now.

Seether – Keep The Dogs At Bay

| Lirik Lagu | Seether – Keep The Dogs At Bay | When it all comes down, what will be the cost? A cold hard ground is refuge for the lost Feed the flies, stave the hunger off Breathe out lies expel them with a cough You’ll never keep me safe from harm The hurt just keeps on

Seether – Turn Around

| Lirik Lagu | Seether – Turn Around | Turn around and face this All your fear misplace it now If I care too much and break this You will find a nameless foe Settle down embrace this Lock the doors and make this real I’ll find out wherever you are I’ll find where your base is You

Seether – Burn The World

| Lirik Lagu | Seether – Burn The World | Walking on water, like you’re the martyr You can’t deceive us all Touch me and plead me, lance me and bleed me You can’t perceive it all And tell me you love me Worship and need me Tell me you want it all Cause we could be married

Seether – Yeah

| Lirik Lagu | Seether – Yeah | I can’t remember a better day One without giving up The shine has worn off the things you say It’s just not good enough I need to take this back and slow it down, shine your crown I can’t pretend that I feel the same My skin’s not thick enough

Seether – Nobody

| Lirik Lagu | Seether – Nobody | I’m trying to find a reason to mend my ways But this hesitation, well it slows me down And it feels like I have lost you along the way, yeah No ventilation, well it chokes me out (Confront it) If you keep talking that way (To get some attention) Nobody’s